The Woolpit Flock of Jacob Sheep

The Woolpit Flock of Jacob Sheep Related

Brighton Flock Jacob Sheep:: Breeders of purebred registered Jacob sheep. Located in Brookeville, Maryland.

Jacob Sheep Conservancy:: Breed association and registry for the Jacob Sheep in America.

Patchwork Farm Jacob Sheep:: JSC and JSBA registered Jacob flock. Located in northeast Georgia.

American Jacob Sheep Registry:: Registry for purebred Jacob sheep.

Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association:: Registry for Jacob sheep in America

Perfect Spot Farm Jacob Sheep:: Breeders of Jacob sheep who focus on gathering representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds. Located in Mill Spring, North Carolina.

Starting or Expanding Your Sheep Flock:: Discusses the various costs involved in starting or expanding a flock of ewes. For sheep producers and those needing information on sheep production.

The Sheep Flock Improvement Program:: SFIP is a home testing genetic improvement program designed to assist Ontario purebred and commercial sheep producers in the evaluation of potential breeding stock and to provide a measure of the comparative productivity of ewes in the flock. Enrollment information and data available.

Sheep Flock Improvement Program EPDs:: Using Estimated Progeny Difference to make genetic improvements and increase flock performance.

The Lowerye Flock of British Charollais Sheep.:: Website of the Lowerye flock of British Charollais Sheep. Embryos and ram semen available for export sale. Located in UK.

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