Val d'Or Suffolk Sheep Stud

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Kurralea Poll Dorset and White Suffolk Sheep Stud:: Breeder of lamb meat sires that are big, with a high growth rate. Located in NSW, Australia.

Glenlea Suffolk Stud::

Ashmore White Suffolk Stud:: Breeders of White Suffolk sheep, located in Wasleys, South Australia. Included are lists of sales and stock available.

Suffolk Sheep Society:: Based in the U.K. Includes breed, genetic, show, and sales information.

United Suffolk Sheep Association (USSA):: Encourages and supports Suffolk breeders of all ages in their efforts to produce, positively identify and record, and promote Suffolk sheep that are of benefit to the breed and the entire sheep industry.

Montana Suffolk Sheep Breeders Association:: MSSBA is a nonprofit association of Suffolk Sheep Breeders in Montana. Founded in 1981 with the purpose to foster, promote and develop the Suffolk breed and the sheep industry in general.

Southdown Sheep Stud:: Information about the stud, show success, and standing sires.

Ryeland Sheep Stud:: Pear Tree Farm is a Ryeland sheep stud in Australia. Ryeland sheep are classified as endangered by the Rare Breeds Trust and are a Heritage Sheep Breed. Ryelands are classified as an Endangered Breed by the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia and also are one of the nine heritage breeds that were the foundation of the sheep and wool industry in Australia. There are currently only 15 Ryeland studs in Australia consisting of less than 600 breeding e

Findlay Texel-Sheep Stud:: Strive to produce sires and dams of superior carcass conformation and attributes.

Blackdale Texel Stud Sheep Farm:: Produces sires of superior carcass atttributes.

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