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Emergency Food Supply Kits:: Over the past years, people from all over the world have already suffered from a natural disaster, and still the majority of people may not be completely prepared for one if it strikes their community. One way or another, different types of natural calamities strike various sections of the world, and unfortunately, not all individuals have their first aid kit or emergency food ready and their survival kits prepared. We cannot control or read Moth

Absinthe Kits:: Specializes in exotic and hard to find organic Absinthe steeping kits and pure organic wormwood.

Wine Making Kits:: Home brew distilling, wine and beer making. Beer kits, wine kits and turbo yeast manufacturer in the UK. The only company in the UK with full manufacturing of both beer making kits and winekits. We stock a full range of homebrew supplies. We export to the EU and to all major markets overseas. We also manufacture bulk turbo yeast for industrial use.

DIY Wildlife Removal Kits:: DIY Nuisance Wildlife Removal Kits, live-catch traps, one way doors & more.

Disasters Emergency Committee:: Launches and co-ordinates the UK's National Appeal in response to major disasters overseas.

Emergency Food Network (EFN):: EFN began as a program in 1982 when the leadership of FISH Food Banks, Tacoma Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, and Associated Ministries recognized a great need in the community to resource emergency food collectively. With guidance from Paul Bender, the Executive Director of the newly formed Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, and through the organizing efforts of Dennis Flannigan, EFN’s first Executive Director, the organization was created t

Emergency Net News Service:: News of and related links to disasters and major emergency events, including infectious diseases, terrorism, and military actions.

Emergency Management Australia (EMA)::

CDC: Emergency Preparedness and Response:: Includes information on bioterrorism, chemical agents, and natural disasters. Also features interim notification procedures for public health department leaders, news items, and more.

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association:: Professional association linking professionals, volunteers, and organizations active in all phases of emergency preparedness and management.

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