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Wheat Bulb Fly and Other Fly Pests of Cereals:: Discusses the main fly pests of cereal crops and the measures that can be taken to minimise the problems their larvae cause. [PDF]

Amazing Clubs:: Offering a wine, cigar, coffee, tea, flower and necktie of the month club.

Wheat Bulb Fly:: Information on this serious pest of wheat crops, its biology and advice on control measures.

Mike's Amazing Cakes:: Unusual and customized birthday, wedding, and special event cakes.

Amazing Brownie Company:: Choice of original without walnuts, and original, caramel or English toffee with walnuts, packaged in burlap bags or wooden boxes.

Amazing Foods Corp:: Produces cold-processed virgin coconut oil. Product details.

Faith Will Fly Alpacas:: We have a small family-owned Alpaca ranch in the Uncompagre Valley in Western Colorado.

Amazing Gates of America:: Manufacturer of ornamental iron gates and automatic electric gate kits for contractors and end users. Ordering available via catalog and website.

Amazing Olive Oil:: A gift from nature - Are you enjoying all the benefits of olive oil? You can enjoy the benefits of olive oil in everything from dips and dressings to skin care and shampoo. Moreover, you can use Olive Oil daily in various fields such as: Health and Nutrition, Cooking and Recipes, Personal Care and Other Uses etc.

Hessian Fly: Mayetiola destructor:: Photograph and information on this serious pest of wheat, its distribution, characteristics, economic impact and management.

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