Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement

Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Related

National Swine Improvement Federation:: This organization aims to encourage research, development, and use of scientifically-based genetic improvement programs and associated practices for the efficient production of high quality pork.

Canadian Swine Exporters Association:: This organization aims to assist the Canadian swine industry promote and market Canadian swine genetics worldwide.

Canadian Swine Breeders Association (CSBA):: The Canadian Swine Breeders Association (CSBA) is responsible for keeping the database for the pedigree lineage of Canada's swine breeds. Incorporations of breed associations are done under the rules of the Animal Pedigree Act, a law of the Parliament of Canada that sets certain standards for registration eligibility and procedures. This also contributes to the value of the Canadian pedigree as a reliable record of an animal's lineage. Aside from

Canadian Ecology Centre (CEC):: The Canadian Ecology Centre is a non-profit environmental science education and research facility. We are a separate entity from Samuel de Champlain Park, but we do share this beautiful landscape together and the message of conserving and protecting our natural environment. The CEC facilitates informed choices - presenting a better understanding of the conservation and development issues and options, related to the environment and the mining and

Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention (C2P2):: Provides pollution prevention information transfer via access to data, training, conferences, and roundtables.

Fengjing Swine:: Describes this prolific breed that originates from China and its introduction into the US.

Hereford Swine:: Describes the history and development of this breed, its color and conformation.

WestOK Swine:: A group of independent pig breeders who operate small farms and sow herds in west central Oklahoma.

Nursery and Tree Improvement:: South Carolina Forestry Commission aims to provide high quality, improved seedlings for landowners in the state.

Beef Improvement Federation:: Professionals committed to standardized programs and methodologies that create greater awareness and practice of beef cattle performance concepts.

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