Canadian Swine Breeders Association (CSBA)

Canadian Swine Breeders Association (CSBA) Related

Canadian Swine Exporters Association:: This organization aims to assist the Canadian swine industry promote and market Canadian swine genetics worldwide.

Canadian Finnsheep Breeders Association:: Includes information about Finnsheep and a members/breeders list.

Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement:: Provides details of the National Improvement Program which provides farmers with the necessary information to make breeding program decisions, with links to many other resources.

Tamworth Swine Association:: The Tamworth is one of the oldest pig breeds. It is the most direct descendant of the native pig stock of Europe that in turn descended from wild boars. The breed originated in the Midlands of England and takes the name of the town Tamworth in Staffordshire.

Colorado Junior Swine Association (CJSA):: Mission of the CJSA : To provide youth swine exhibitors in Colorado with a network of support and opportunity to gain knowledge in the purebred, show pig and commercial swine industry.

American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV):: Incrasing the knowledge of Swine Veterinarians. AASV has approximately 1300 members involved in practice, industry, and academia in more than 40 countries. It is the mission of AASV to increase the knowledge of swine veterinarians by : • Promoting the development and availability of the resources which enhance the effectiveness of professional activities. • Creating opportunities which inspire personal and professional growth. • Advoc

Canadian Hereford Association:: Alliance of consumer oriented beef industry participants dedicated to the consistent and economical production of quality beef.

Canadian Angus Association:: Responsible for all registrations, transfers and imports for both black and red Angus in the country.

Canadian Galloway Association:: National governing body responsible for breed improvement, breed advancement, and breed promotion.

Canadian Limousin Association:: Includes information on origin, maximizing efficiency, and events.

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