New Zealand Pig Breeders Association

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Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders Club:: Provides news and information on the breed, a photograph gallery, the breed standard and information on the club, its membership and forum.

Central Suffolk Breeders Inc. - New Zealand:: A group of Suffolk Sheep Breeders from the central region of New Zealand; includes information on a number of breeders.

New Zealand Merino Stud Breeders:: New Zealand Merino Stud Breeders Producing Genetics for Tomorrow's Finest Garments. New Zealand Merino Stud Breeders‘ Society exists to ensure a united stud industry through collaborative work within the regional stud breeders‘ associations. The regional associations undertake: Merino sheep selection workshops, Industry representation on animal health and welfare, Merino stud tours, Merino management field days, Promotion of sheep sales, Elim

Gelbvieh Cattle Breeders Society of New Zealand:: A description of Gelbvieh cattle origins and their breed characteristics. This Association is responsible for the registration and promotion of Gelbvieh cattle in New Zealand. Look for links to Gelbvieh breeders.

British Pig Association:: The official breed society in the UK maintaining the Herd Books of pedigree breeds. Provides information on each breed, local clubs, shows and events.

Australian Pig Science Association:: This organisation aims to provide a forum for excellence in science related to all aspects of the pig industry. Gives information on membership, conferences, publications and awards.

New Zealand Alpaca Association:: An organization of New Zealand alpaca breeders.

New Zealand Angus Association:: An incorporated society which aims to promote the use of the Angus breed within New Zealand.

New Zealand Shorthorn Association:: Provides breed information, searchable databases of animals, EBVs, and breeders.

New Zealand Sheepbreeders' Association:: The New Zealand Sheep Breeders Association administers the affairs for those breeds of sheep currently under its umbrella whilst actively promoting the stud breeding sheep industry.

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