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Fengjing Swine:: Describes this prolific breed that originates from China and its introduction into the US.

Hereford Swine:: Describes the history and development of this breed, its color and conformation.

Mycotoxin in Swine Diets:: Provides information on the consequences of feeding swine food contaminated with aflatoxin and other molds. [PDF]

Swine Management Services:: Supplies management services to the swine industry.

Arapawa Island Swine:: Provides information on this rare breed of feral pigs from the Arapawa Island, New Zealand.

Magnum Swine Genetics Inc.:: Magnum Swine Genetics Inc. is a company which started in December of 1996. We started off with our own pooled Yorkshire and Landrace which where selected for maternal traits, a couple of Duroc boars and a select number of Landrace and Yorkshire boars from other breeding companies; totaling to 15 boars. Lab results, customer information and orders where all manually written out by hand. Collection for customer orders and customer relation was hand

Peak Swine Genetics Inc.:: On going, meat quality studies. Providing technical support; working with leading professionals in all aspects of swine production and nutrition. (Alberta, Canada)

Polar Genetics: Swine:: Provides information on the Duroc terminal line, Yorkshire and Landrace maternal lines, Yorkshire and F1 gilts and their genetic evaluation, health and other qualities.

Shipley Swine Genetics:: Offers duroc, exotic, hampshire, and yorkshire seed stock and semen. Includes boar and contact information.

Swine Genentics International, Ltd.:: Semen available from duroc, yorkshire, landrace, hampshire, chester white, berkshire, and terminal line breeds. Also offers breeding equipment and supplies. Includes catalogs, boars, and company information.

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